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Instax & Polaroid Frames

Inexpensive cardstock paper photo frames for Polaroid and Fujifilm Instax camera pictures.

These little paper photo frames are perfect for the DIY event photographer! Just snap a picture with your Polaroid or Fuji Instax camera, wait for the print, and slide it into the frame—your colorful print stays nice and snug in die-cut tabs. Order a themed design, or create a custom Fuji or Polaroid paper picture frame. From birthday parties and holiday events to trade shows and marketing promotions, these colorful instant camera frames are perfect for your next event.

Who uses Polaroid frames and Fuji Instax paper picture frames?

Dentists – No Cavity Club

Dentists design a "No Cavity Club" picture frame and keep the frames on hand for when they have a new member of this elite club. This is such a nice little giveaway for kids to take home from the dentist—and a great reminder to keep brushing their teeth!


Sometimes taking the child's picture and handing them a colorful picture frame—with their picture in it—will make them forget about whatever shots they might have just endured.

Anything having to do with animals

Instant cameras are fun. Dogs and cats are fun. See where we're going with this? Just be careful when taking pictures with your Instax camera; the automatic flash could scare your furry friends.

Casual business events

Polaroid and Instax cameras aren't the usual photography equipment used at corporate events. But if you're doing something a bit more casual—perhaps a luau party for your employees—an cheap paper frame for Instax or Polaroid pictures might just do the trick.

College & University student events

Space is at a premium in most college dorm rooms, so these instant camera photo paper frames are the perfect giveaway. While professional photographs wouldn't be under appreciated by college students, they are going to love the style of Polaroid and Fuji Instax camera prints.

DIY photo boothers

Not feeling tech-savvy enough to setup your iPad for a DIY photo booth? An Instax camera would solve that. Easy to use, pretty inexpensive to buy. Just design a themed photo holder and you're done.

Summer camps

A great take-home gift for your campers! Design a colorful frame for kids at summer camp, park district events, or vacation bible school.