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How to design branded photo folders

Learn what paper photo folders and cardboard picture frames can do for your brand.

Branded photo folder design tips from Studio Style

Paper photo folders and cardboard picture frames are practical event giveaways for photo booth companies, event photographers, and party planners. They protect event pictures and give you LOTS of space to add your logo, branding, and visual graphics.

Design tips for your custom photo folders

Your logo matters most.

Before you add any other graphics, put just your logo on the folder. You want people to remember your logo, not an intricate background design.

You also want to give your logo some space. If your photo folder design is cluttered, your logo—and branding—will be lost. Keep the extraneous design elements to a minimum.

What are are the benefits of putting just my logo on a photo folder?

With no event details like date or location, you can buy custom photo folders in bulk and use them at various events and functions throughout the year. This can save on imprinting costs, plate charges, and shipping charges.

Custom branded photo folders with logo | Made by Studio Style
This pocket print holder was designed with just the studio's logo. Shown: PF5780 in White Linen with Copper Foil imprint.

Make them want to learn more.

If you are designing a custom printed photo folder, add some marketing copy on the back of the folder. But don't write out your entire company history; leave your customers wanting more.

Here's what we see some of our customers doing on the back cover:

  • Write 2–3 sentences about their company mission or history
  • Add a few photos of their business or organization
  • Provide stats and figures
  • Include a custom website URL
  • Add social media icons and hashtags for the event
Custom printed photo event folders | Made by Studio Style

Use all the space—wisely

With custom printed photo folders, you can print anywhere. With any foil stamped folder, you can fill up a 3" x 4" area (or up to 12 square inches).

Foil stamped photo event folders | Made by Studio Style
You can fit a lot into a 3" x 4" imprint area. The foil stamped photo folders shown here each have a different type of design that fits the 12 square inches you can fill. The golf imprint shows the event logo and sponsor logos; the salon has a nice message and design for the kids; and the university folder has just the logo.

Photo folder design tips for event photographers & photo booth owners

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Put your logo front and center.

If your goal is to get noticed, put your logo on the front cover, and don't distract with too much text or graphics. Your logo is a big part of your brand visuals. Why hide it?

Look at the folders shown here.

  • The black photo folder was used as a promotional photo folder for a photo booth company. They handed it out to potential customers at bridal expos and new customers they met in person. The folders were used as a marketing tool to do two things:
    1. Further enforce the brand image of the photo booth company.
    2. Present the folder as as add-on to their photo booth packages.
  • The white photo folder was made for a dog daycare facility. The branded photo holders were designed with birthday wishes (for the doggos, of course). It was just a simply-designed photo folder with company logo.

When you should put your logo on the front cover of a custom photo folder:

  • When you are hosting the event
  • If the folder will be a giveaway at multiple events held by your company or group
  • If you are a "top-level" sponsor
  • If you plan to use these as a marketing giveaway, like at trade shows, conventions, or expos
  • If you are an amusement park and handing these out with ride or attraction photos
Custom branded photo folders with logo | Made by Studio Style

Put your logo on the back cover.

If you are a photo booth owner or event photographer, perhaps your client's branding is taking over the front cover (as it should). That doesn't mean you can't get in on the branding fun.

With our printed photo folders, you have the option to add a little extra branding—at no extra cost to you. A lot of our customers put either their logo or business name on the bottom of the back cover. Below that, they will put their preferred method of contact: their website, phone number, email, or even social media handles.

The question we often get with this is, "Will my customers care if I put my branding on their photo folders?"

We have never had a photographer or photo booth company tell us that adding their branding to the back of the branded photo event folders upset the customer. So no, it is highly unlikely that your customers will care if your branding is on their photo holders.

When you should put your logo on the back cover of a custom picture frame folder:

  • If you are photo booth company or event photographer, and the folders are included in your package or were an add-on feature
  • If you are a photographer who wants to add custom photo folders to your photo packages, but can't meet minimums. Order photo folders in bulk with your logo on the back for easy branding and giveaways for events of any size.
  • If you are sponsoring an event, but the event branding takes up the front cover design
  • If the company is under the umbrella of a larger company, put the parent company's logo on the back
Photographer's logo on the back of a photo folder | Made in the USA by Studio Style
Add your photography studio logo to the back of any photo folder for an easy giveaway at events of any size. Shown: PF5854H Horizontal Golf Gatefold.

Add your business name as a tagline.

If you are the photographer for an event, add this simple line:

Photography provided by: Your Company Name

Use this if the event planner or designer doesn't want your branding on the folder, or if your visual branding would clash too much with the folder design.

In adding this line, you are still advertising your business. This is a much more subtle approach, but it works because your name is on the folder. As long as you shoot quality photos, you're still boosting your brand image.

This branding tactic works on many photo event folders, but here's where it's most often used:

  • Golf tournaments or outings
  • Fundraisers or non-profit events
  • Community festivals
  • School, college, or university events
  • Company launch parties
2x6 photo booth folder with company name on back

Bonus tip!

Photographers & event planners

Are you ordering custom printed folders or foil stamped frames for a big company or well-known brand? Be sure to send us a link to their brand guidelines with your order so we can match their brand specifications. Please note that with digital printing, we cannot exactly match PMS colors; they are approximated. It is better to send us CMYK color values.