What Is Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping—also called hot stamping or foil imprinting—is the process in which artwork is transferred from a metal plate onto the finished product. The etched plate is pressed into the unrolled foil film, and the heat and pressure seals the foil onto your photo folder or frame. We foil stamp cardboard photo folders, paper picture frames, and photo cards using this timeless technique.

Metal plate used for foil stamping logos on photo folders

Metal plate for foil stamping

This is the etched plate (sometimes called a foil stamping die) used for imprinting your folders. Notice the sharp edges and precise details, especially in the fish.

Rolls of metallic gold foil

Rolls of metallic foil

Our foil comes in rolls like this. The foil stamping plate is pushed into the unrolled film, which then transfers the foil film onto your folder or frame and seals in your imprint.

Metallic gold foil stamped logo on a black studio portrait folder

Plate + Foil + Pressure = Foil Stamping

The finished product! We take pride in making precise imprints of your artwork, and we use high-quality foil that won't rub off. Shown here on our contemporary black portrait folder.

How to prepare your artwork for foil stamping

A great looking foil imprint starts with a crisp, clean, black and white image. Your artwork can be a graphic, a logo, typographic lettering, just text, or a combination of these elements. Artwork should not contain fine lines, gradients, drop shadows, or textures as these will not produce a desirable result.

File formats we accept:

  • PDF
  • AI
  • EPS
  • PSD
  • JPG or JPEG
  • TIF or TIFF
  • PNG

As a general rule, we require a minimum of 300 dpi for foil stamping. Read our artwork guidelines.

If you are unable to provide us with factory-ready art, our art department is here to help. Our experienced graphic designers can transform your art so that it comes out exactly how you envision it.

Please note: Art that requires extensive cleanup may require an additional art charge.

Good logo for foil stamping

Good logo for foil stamping

Bad logo for foil stamping

Bad logo for foil stamping

Foil Color Options

Metallic gold foil

Metallic Gold
(see it in action)

Metallic silver foil

Metallic Silver
(see it in action)

Metallic copper foil

Metallic Copper
(see it in action)

Metallic blue foil

Metallic Royal Blue
(see it in action)

Metallic teal foil

Metallic Teal
(see it in action)

Metallic dark purple foil

Metallic Dark Purple

Metallic Purple Foil

Metallic Purple
(see it in action)

Metallic fuchsia foil

Metallic Fuchsia

Metallic burgundy foil

Metallic Burgundy

Metallic red foil

Metallic Red
(see it in action)

Metallic green foil

Metallic Green
(see it in action)

Satin silver foil

Satin Silver
(see it in action)

Satin gold foil

Satin Gold

Navy blue foil

Navy Blue

Reflex blue foil

Reflex Blue

Medium blue foil

Medium Blue

Forest green foil

Forest Green

Kelly green foil

Kelly Green

Teal foil


Turquoise foil


Pink foil


Yellow foil


Orange foil


Red foil


Maroon foil


Black foil


White foil


Please call for availability if you require a color not listed.

How we transfer your art onto folders with hot foil stamping

  • Once your art and layout have been approved, the image is etched onto a metal foil stamping plate (also known as a metal die). The stamping process can now start on a specialized foil stamping press.
  • The foil film is unrolled and sandwiched between the plate (which has been heated to an appropriate temperature) and the blank photo folder, frame, or card.
  • The plate and product are then pressed together.
  • Through heat and pressure (hence the term "Hot Stamping") the thin layer of foil is transferred off the roll and onto the product.

Watch as we foil stamp a portrait folder

New imprinting orders are charged a new plate and machine set-up fee. Foil stamping plates are kept on file for 12 months. If your order is repeated within that time frame, the order will only be charged the machine set-up fee.

Pricing for foil stamped photo folders, frames, and cards

All pricing is for 1 color, 1 location imprints. Foil imprint pricing details can be found on our product pages. Please review the Product Information on those pages before ordering.

If your job requires additional colors or locations (example: logo on front cover, and text on inside window border), please call us to place your order, as additional charges will apply.

Have more questions about foil stamped photo holders?

We're here to help. Call us at (800) 346-3063 or send us an email anytime.

Purple and white mat board frames with foil imprints
Foil stamped portrait folders
Black paper picture frame with event logo imprint
White photo folders with event logo foil imprints

What photo products can you imprint?

We manufacture an expansive line of portrait and event folders, easel back frames, and photo insert greeting cards. You'll find that adding a foil imprint makes our blank, stock product uniquely your own. Look for the personalization button when purchasing your items to create your custom imprinted product.

Here are some of the paper products we can imprint:

Black and white photo folders with foil stamped imprints
Mat board frames with custom event logo imprints
Blank photo insert cards for foil stamping