Photo Folder & Picture Frame FAQs

Why do I need photo folders for my event photography?

Think of our photo event folders as an all-in-one solution. You get brand exposure with custom folder frames, and your guests get a convenient giveaway that holds and protects their event pictures from fingerprints, food smudges, and drink spills.

Where can I buy cardboard photo folders?

Right here online at We do not have a storefront location.

How does the picture stay in the folder?

It depends on what folder you're ordering. Our standard event folders and portrait folders are glued on the top and bottom window frame border; you just slide your print in, and it's held snug in place. Watch how to insert a photo into a standard event folder. Any of our made-to-order folders are glued along the top window frame border. Designed for quick photo distribution, you just slide the print up and under the top window border, and it will stay in place. See how quick it is to insert a photo into a made-to-order photo folder.

Sliding my photos under the window border is taking some time. Why is the window frame so tight?

This is a concern some customers have with our Quick Ship and standard event folders, but in the end, they are very pleased with the final result.

To make your paper photo folders, we glue the window border down on the top and bottom edges—we call these the "glue lines." We set our glue lines very tight so that when a picture is slid into the frame, it stays put. We don't want your memorable event photos sliding around the frame or worse, slipping out.

Because space for the print is tight, inserting the photo into the frame shouldn't be rushed, otherwise you could risk creasing the photo.

These folders and frames are glued on the top and bottom:

Can I put my logo on a photo folder?

Yes! All of our photo and portrait folders can be personalized with your company logo or event branding. For full-color logos or designs, we recommend a full-color printed folder. For one-color imprints, we recommend purchasing a foil stamped folder. Personalization method is detailed on product pages. Don't know what foil stamping is? Learn more about foil stamped photo folders and how we make them.

How environmentally friendly are your photo holders?

Most of our black or white photo frames and folders are made out of recycled paper. We think you'll like our line of recycled photo holders.

How sturdy are your cardboard picture frames?

We have different paper and cardboard thicknesses available, at various price points. Our custom printed paper frames are made out of 14 pt. paper (like a thick greeting card). Our bevel cut frames are made out of sturdy mat board (with 3 layers of mat board—these are sturdy frames!). Check out all of our cardboard picture frames for exact product descriptions on thickness and durability.

Should I add my event date to our custom photo event folders?

It depends. Is this a one-time celebration (wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah), or is it an annual event? Foil stamped folders have a plate charge and running charges (detailed on product pages).

We will keep your imprinting plates in inventory for 12 months. If you order folders with your event date on them, then it will be impossible to use that plate again, since it is dated. If, however, you order folders with just your company logo or event name, we can reuse that plate over and over again. You'll pay for the plate charge one time, and from then on, just pay the machine charge and running charges. Over time, an undated imprint can save you money!

Do you sell photo folders for senior pictures?

Our line of professional-quality studio portrait folders are popular with senior portrait photographers. While you can give these blank to your studio clients, we recommend adding your studio logo to the folder for some easy branding. The most popular location for your studio logo is on the bottom of the back cover, and you can have it imprinted in any of our 23 foil colors.

Do you sell wholesale photo folders?

We sure do, and we have a great line of photo presentation folders for photographers. Our wholesale program applies to all photo folders, frames, photo cards (including our popular Simplicity photo insert cards), and cello bags. Please note that all other party favors and all photo gifts are NOT eligible for wholesale pricing. Want to resell our products? Apply today.

I'm a photographer; do I qualify for wholesale pricing?

If you plan on selling our products to your customers, then you qualify for wholesale pricing. Get more info and apply on our wholesale page. Our helpful customer service team will get your account set up within one business day.

How can I use your photo folders as a marketing tool?

Time and time again, event photographers and photo booth owners tell us how much their custom photo folders have led to increased referrals. When ordering custom folders for your customers, we always recommend adding your business name and website to the back of the folder. That way, when those event guests are planning an event of their own, they know who to call for their photo souvenir needs.

Here's some further reading for more photo folder marketing tips:

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I hear you have a lot of goodies for photo booth owners.

Yup. And by goodies we mean custom-branded, personalized 4" x 6" and 2" x 6" print holders. We have the old school and new school photo boothers covered. Check out folders for 4" x 6" photo booth pictures and folders for 2" x 6" photo booth strips.

But I offer scrapbooks as a photo booth upsell. Should I offer photo strip folders, too?

Let's look at it this way: the scrapbook is for the bride and groom. The photo booth picture folders are for everyone else. So go ahead, spoil the newlyweds with that memory-making scrapbook, but give wedding guests a good way to get those photo booth pictures home, safe and sound.

I'm interested in your photo folders for my wedding. Which folder do you recommend?

Our studio portrait folders are by far the most popular wedding photo folder, whether they are given out at the reception or mailed after the event as a unique wedding photo thank you card. Thicker than our economy event folders, the deckle edge and subtle textured finish gives these folders an upscale look—without busting your wedding budget.

Shop wedding photo folders

My event is in 5 days; can I still get folders?

Yes, we have you covered! While 5 days is not enough time to make a custom photo folder for your event, we have lots of blank, stock portrait folders and picture frames. We also have some stock themed event folders. Please note that last-minute orders might require expedited shipping. Just remember, for next year's event, please allow 7-10 days for us to make your custom cardboard picture frames, and allow for some shipping time (see our shipping map).

I don't have time to order personalized folders. Do you have any DIY tips for me so I can customize them for my event?

There are two popular DIY personalization options that we recommend when time runs short:

  • The first is to print some labels and attach them to the front cover of your folders. The benefit of this is that you can print full-color labels and attach them to a plain black or white folder.
  • The second option is to order double sided photo folders. On the left side, insert a print with your logo, event details, sponsor information, and more. Leave the right side open to insert the event photographs.

I'm on a very strict budget. Do you have quality, cheap photo folders?

We have many low-cost options for your party or event. Our standard event photo folders start at just 80¢ for blank Black or White 4" x 6" folders.

Want cheap photo folders themed for your event? No problem. We have a variety of celebration and sports designs starting at just $1.00 each.

Custom photo folder illustration

Meet the photo folder, your all-in-one branding, event giveaway, and print protection solution.

Custom photo folders with event branding on the front covers

Whether foil stamped (back) or printed (front), your logo will look great on a photo folder—and it can strengthen your brand's presence.

Black and white recycled cardboard photo folders and paper frames

Choose from  75+ recycled frames and folders, plus most of our photo insert cards are made from recycled paper stock.

Custom photo booth folders for 2x6 and 4x6 pictures

We have lots of themed options for photo booth giveaways. Available in the classic 2" x 6" picture strip folder or the modern 4" x 6" photo booth print holder.

Black portrait folders with gold foil wedding imprint

Our linen-weave studio portrait folders are the most popular photo folder for wedding photography. It's an upscale look that doesn't break the budget

Cheap cardboard photo folders with custom foil imprints

We have several economical blank and themed folders for any event. Prices start at just 70¢.