Selling Tips for Wholesale Photo Insert Cards

Learn how to turn your photos into greeting cards to sell. Oh, and you can save 30%.

Recycled kraft photo insert card with photo studio logo imprint
Black photo insert greeting card for nature photography
Slide a 4x6 photo into a photo frame card
Mint green photo insert note card for nature photos

Want to learn how to turn your photos into greeting cards that you can sell? Before we get to the good stuff, let's determine if you qualify for wholesale prices for photo insert cards. Here's who resells 4" x 6" photo cards for their business:

  • Photographers – studio, nature, wildlife, still life
  • Artists – watercolor, ink, mixed media
  • Calligraphers – hand lettering artists
  • Graphic Artists – digital or giclée prints

Still not sure if you qualify for wholesale pricing? Here's an easy way to look at it:

If you plan on reselling these cards for a profit, then you qualify for wholesale prices. If you aren't sure if your business qualifies for wholesale pricing, please call us at (800) 346-3063.

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Already a wholesale customer? Read on for selling tips, or browse our collection.

Where can you sell photo greeting cards?

Before diving in, we need to address one important thing: you can either sell retail or you can sell direct to consumers.

You can sell at retail locations (brick and mortar stores)

Here are some places you can sell photo note cards in retail locations:

  • Flower shops
  • Gift shops
  • Bookstores
  • Antique shops (you can sell on consignment)
  • Craft boutiques
  • Hospital gift shops
  • Tourist centers or points of interest
The pros of selling at retail locations

When selling retail, you take your photo cards to the brick and mortar location, and the store owner does the rest, since the cards are now part of their inventory. You have no storefront to operate and very little overhead. It is convenient for you as an artist to sell through retail locations because it gives you more time to dedicate to your photography or art.

On top of that, since you will likely be selling your cards at an established place of business; their reputation can give your name a boost. This is a huge bonus for those new to selling their own photo frame cards.

The cons of selling at retail locations

When you resell your cards, you have to mark up the price to cover what you paid for the card, the photo or art print, and enough to make a profit. However, you have to leave enough room for the shopkeeper to earn a profit from your cards when they resell them. One way to get around this is to consider selling on consignment. This is a popular option at places like antique stores or craft boutiques.

You can sell direct to consumers

Here are some places you can sell photo cards direct to consumers:

  • Art fairs
  • Craft shows
  • Farmers markets
  • Holiday bazaars
  • Christmas markets
  • Online – websites like Etsy are perfect for selling this medium
  • As part of your photo studio package. For example:
    • Family photographers: Christmas cards
    • Senior photographers: Graduation announcements
The pros of selling direct to consumers

The benefit of selling direct to consumers is you don't have to sell your photo greeting cards at wholesale prices so that someone else can resell them. All the profit is yours.

You also get to decide where your cards are sold, and how much they sell for—which can affect your worth in the purchaser's eyes.

The cons of selling direct to consumers

You might spend more time selling your product and completing transactions with the end users. For example, renting a booth at an art fair is often a full day commitment. So, rather than completing a few transactions with store owners as you would selling at retail locations, you process each order individually.

Black photo frame card with nature photo and photographer logo

Add your photography studio logo and website to the back of your cards for better business exposure. Shown: No. PC7043 – Black Photo Insert Card

White photo frame cards for selling art photos

This photographer signed and titled each of their photo cards with a pen. Shown: No. PC7031 – Natural Flax Photo Insert Card

Not sure how consumers will use your blank art cards?

Here are some ideas to help you market your cards:

  • Holiday art gifts
  • Christmas cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Get Well Soon cards
  • Thinking of You
  • Congratulations
  • Graduation
  • Condolences

How to increase profits on your custom photo greeting cards

First, let's look at your cost. Remember, you can purchase wholesale photo insert cards blank or with custom personalization. Here's a simple breakdown of what it would cost you to buy wholesale photo insert cards.

Pricing for blank cards

  • Your price per card: $0.80
  • Wholesale order minimum: 1
  • Cards are shrink wrapped in quantities of 10
  • Tiered pricing breaks—stock up and save

Pricing for foil stamped cards

  • Your price per card: $1.65
  • Wholesale order minimum: 50 cards
  • Personalized cards can be ordered in any quantity over 50
  • Tiered pricing breaks—stock up and save

Please note that the prices shown in the above example are for our Simplicity photo insert cards. We also have a line of photo insert Christmas cards which also qualify for wholesale prices.

Pricing tip #1: Price for your market, skills, and desired profit.

Where will you be selling these cards? What kind of people do those locations attract? Customers who buy custom-made greeting cards in a bookstore might pay a different price than those who purchase a get well photo card from a hospital gift shop.

Pricing your photo cards based on your skills can be a difficult decision to make, but you need to be honest about what your photographic or artistic creations are worth to your customers.

In the end, this is your business. Price your cards as high—or as low—as you want. Make the profit you want.

Pricing tip #2: Price higher than you think.

Risky? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. If you doubt this method, go to any store that sells greeting cards, and look at the price of some of their cards. $6 for a birthday card? If the big name brands can sell for that much, so can you. In some markets, you can probably go higher.

Remember, you are selling a unique, one-of-a-kind product. You are selling art. Don't cheap out on your business, worth, or profit margin.

Pricing tip #3: Place them next to a higher-priced item.

See, now we're getting tricky. But let's look at this strategy a little closer.

If you are selling at an art fair or craft show, we bet you're selling larger art prints or framed photos, right? The problem with large prints is that—while they do sell—they don't sell as quickly or at your desired sales volume at certain venues. This is where the smaller, more affordable photo card comes into play.

Let's look at this scenario: if a vendor at an art fair is selling just photo greeting cards at $8 per card, that might seem a steep price to someone who is interested but just casually browsing. If there is another vendor selling large prints and also has a basket of cards on the table, people will see the price of the card next to the price of the print and realize the card is a perfectly affordable purchase (in comparison).

It's a bit of a psychological price game, but it can help boost sales for your small business. Here's how our blog reader, Bonnie, sells her photo art cards using this technique:

How to sell your own photo cards

This comment is in response to our popular post with advice on how to sell your nature photography. And yes, we can do custom bookmarks! If you are interested, check out our custom made photo folder info page and send us your custom request.

Money saving tip #1: Buy blank.

Our blank Simplicity photo insert cards are priced lower than ones ordered with personalization. So, if you don't have a logo, website, or don't want the end user to have your contact information, there's not much of a reason to add a foil stamped imprint.

If, however, you still want your "mark" on there, you can personally sign each card with a quality ink pen. We see a lot of nature photographers do this. They sign each card, and they write the title of the photograph. When selling art cards, there can be limited edition numbers added as well.

Signing, titling, and added limited edition numbers can add to the perceived value of your art.

Money saving tip #2: If ordering personalized cards, buy in bulk

We offer price breaks at certain quantities of custom photo insert cards. The order minimum for foil stamped cards is 50, but the price goes down per card when you purchase 75 cards, and again at a quantity of 100. Quantities must be of the same card color.

Why photographers & artists our photo insert cards

Acid-free & archival quality • Sturdy cardstock • No glue or tape needed • Made in the USA • Lots of recycled options • White mailing envelopes included • Low order minimums

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