Custom Mat Board Inserts

Elevate your giveaway with custom-cut photo mats to complement your event photography.

Why invest in custom picture frame mats?

It's an upscale giveaway.

When your client or audience deserves more than a paper frame, consider a custom-cut, acid-free mat board for them to display their photo or award.

Make it any size you want.

While the largest mat size we recommend is 16" x 20", we can cut windows to fit whatever size print you make.

Make it unique with custom shapes.

Most mat boards are available with one shape option for windows: rectangle. With custom-cut mats for frames, you can make the window a unique shape, or we can cut out accent shapes in your picture frame mat board.

Get them blank or personalized.

Just need custom-shaped mat boards? We can do that. Need to add some event branding or sponsor logos? We do custom photo mat imprinting. We'll add foil stamped personalization to your custom picture frame mats.

Custom shaped mat board window frame
Custom cut picture frame mat
Custom cut mat board insert with top and bottom mat
Custom cut mat board with football shape design

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Double Layer Mats Collage Mats Specialty Shapes  Silhouette Cuts Vgroove Cuts Sports & Theater Memorabilia

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These are the kind of custom mat boards you can make

Double Layer Mats

For when you want to keep things simple but want to kick your photo frame giveaway up a notch, consider creating a double layer mat insert.

Just choose coordinating mat colors for the top mat and bottom mat. Choose colors that coordinate with the company branding, event theme, or party décor.

After you choose your colors, select the amount of reveal you want. Standard reveal is ¼". Please note that if you go smaller than ¼", it is much harder to see the bottom mat color.

Double layer custom cut mat board

This navy blue over light blue has a ½" reveal.

Double layer Christmas-themed custom mat board insert with foil imprint

When layering mat boards, choose colors that coordinate with your brand, theme, or event décor. Here, a dark green mat board was layered on a red mat board for a Christmas event.

Black over gray custom mat board insert

Want to keep custom mat boards on hand to use as a photography package upsell? Consider creating neutral-colored mat boards, like the black over gray design with ¼" reveal.

Collage Mats

Shooting multiple photos of event guests? Design a custom frame mat with multiple openings.

Here's who uses collage mats:

  • Sports photographers: Insert one player portrait and one team photo.
  • Studio photographers: Keep dual window mat boards in stock for senior photos, family portraits, pet photo sessions, or newborn photo shoots.
  • Awards presenters: Insert the award, diploma, or certificate in one window, and a portrait in the other.
Dual window specialty cut mat board insert

Shown: Dark green over black with one horizontal and one vertical window.

Golf collage cut custom mat board insert

Designed out of golf dimple mat board, this collage mat board has a window opening for a photo, as well as a circle cut-out for a medallion.

Two picture collage cut custom mat board insert | Designed and made in the USA by Studio Style

The double-layered, collage-cut mat board insert has a large horizontal window for a group or scenic photo, and a vertical window for a portrait.

Black mat board frame for three 2x6 photo booth picture strips

We can make custom picture mats for photo booths. Add an upscale framing solution to your packages with personalized frame mats for your 2" x 6" picture strips. Or offer as a gift to the bride and groom or event hosts.

Specialty Shapes

Add a shape to complement your theme, branding, or personalization.

To create a specialty shaped mat board, we cut a shape out of the top mat board. This shape could be anything, from an oval, a frame with scalloped edges, or a pattern to match your branding or theme.

Please note that in order to create a specialty cut frame window on your mat board, we can only do solid, one-piece shapes.

Also, due to the thickness of the mat board (we use sturdy, high-quality materials), we recommend staying away from intricate shapes or designs. Need help simplifying your design? We're happy to help. Just fill out the interest form above.

Football specialty-shaped custom cut picture frame mat board

We cut a football-shaped design from our football-textured mat board and layered it on black mat board with a ½" reveal to highlight the photo.

Custom mat board insert with specialty frame

A decorative window frame border is cut out of cream mat board and layered on navy blue mat board. A simple design like this is a great upsell piece for your photo studio packages.

Mat board insert with custom-cut border

A thin border of black mat board was cut out and added to highlight and frame the photo window and custom imprint.

Silhouette Cuts

Added to a double layer mat, we cut a silhouetted shape in the top mat to reveal the bottom mat board color.

Handing out newborn portraits? Add a onesie. Shooting wedding photos? Add some hearts. Add a circle to hold a medallion, a rectangle to emulate a plaque, a dog bone, a horse shoe, some leaves, a tree silhouette… there are so many possibilities!

When designing a silhouette shape, we recommend keeping your design free of intricate details. Simple shapes make for a cleaner-looking custom bevel cut mat boards.

Dog bone silhouette cut custom mat board insert

We cut a dog bone and ½" window reveal out of the top black mat board to reveal the bottom cream mat board. The gold foil imprint fits perfectly in the silhouette dog bone cut-out.

Red hearts silhouette cut custom mat board insert

Two hearts were cut out of the top red mat board to reveal the cream bottom mat. The rectangle below the window opening was left for custom imprinting.

Leaf silhouette cut custom mat board insert

Leaves on a branch were cut out of the cream top mat to reveal the dark green bottom mat. A thin window frame reveal was designed to accent the photo.

Vgroove Cuts

A shallow accent border or design scores the mat to reveal the inner core. Beautiful around the window opening!

These mat board colors have cream cores:
  • Navy
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Sage Green
  • Yellow
  • Cream
  • Light Blue
  • Pink
  • Lavender
  • Dark Green

We also have pure white mat board that has a white core for a subtle window border edge. Or, for something more eye-catching, choose our cream mat board with black core.

Vgroove design on picture frame mat board

Shown: Red mat board with cream core and vgroove cut around the window frame opening.

Custom picture frame mats for sports and theater memorabilia

Golf flag picture frame mats

These acid-free mat boards are perfect for mounting and preserving golf tournament flags.

Give golf flag frames away to hold sponsors, tournament winners, or sell them as part of a charity fundraising auction.

Please note that the largest flag we can currently make custom mat board inserts for is a standard 13" x 17" flag.

Golf flag frame acid-free mat board

Autographed flag is mounted on black mat board with a second black mat board window frame border. 16" x 20" outer dimension for a 13" x 17" flag.

Sports photo and game ticket

This is a great giveaway for player meet-and-greets, group outings, and special events held by the team. Since these are custom-cut, we can create a space to hold whatever size ticket you have.

If you want to use a professional or collegiate sports team logo or mascot, you would need written permission in order for us to foil stamp it on the framed mat board.

Custom picture frame mat board ticket and photo holder

Double-layered blue mat board over red mat board. 8" x 10" outer size for 5" x 7" photo and ticket windows.

Frame your playbill

Custom framed playbills are the perfect gift for theater supporters, cast members, or directors.

Because we cut these picture frame mats to order, we can get the right size for your playbill, whether it's the contemporary 5-⅜" x 8-½" or if it measures the larger 6-¾" x 9-¼".

Gift-giving tip: Instead of handing out just a framed playbill, have your cast sign an over-sized mat board as a gift to the director, producer, and other key members on the production team.

Custom frame for theater Playbill

Cream mat board with window cut-outs for the playbill and photo. Paired here with an 11" x 14" black poly frame.

Need a frame for your custom-cut picture frame mats?

Custom-made mat board insert cherry poly frame | Designed by Studio Style

Poly Frames—Designed to look like real wood!

Available in 8" x 10" and 11" x 14" sizes, these poly (plastic) frames feature a glass covering to protect your mat and print, as well as drilled hanging slots for horizontal or vertical display.

The 8" x 10" frames also come with a hinged easel backer for easy display on a desk, mantel, or table.

Choose from black, cherry, or walnut frame colors.

View details for 8" x 10" frames and 11" x 14" frames.